Episode 29

29. A Practical Approach To Your Intuition And The Belief Systems That Are Blocking You From It


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Are you sometimes afraid to follow your gut? It’s fun to talk about intuition but when you are faced with a decision or choice it’s not always fun… in fact, sometimes it’s downright difficult and scary.

But how many times in your life have you not followed your intuition and can look back and say “wow I am so glad I didn’t listen to my internal wisdom?” Probably not to many times!

That’s why it’s essential to reignite that superpower you were born with that might be a bit dormant these days. You can use intuition in business and personal realms.

This week my guest on the podcast is Ana Lisa Schwartz. She is a certified psychic medium who also holds certifications as a seance conductor and energy healer. Ana Lisa has been practicing professionally for 13 years. In 2017 she was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister. She enjoys sharing messages from the Universe, your guides, and your loved ones to help empower you on your own spiritual journey.

Highlights of today's episode:

  1. How do you know if your intuition is speaking OR if it’s your ego?
  2. Why do we ignore the messages we receive from our intuition?
  3. Are we all empaths? If so, do we need protection from energy vampires?
  4. How can we learn to activate our intuition on a day to day basis?

I am so happy you are here. Enjoy the episode and please share with friends!

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Hey everyone. All right. Welcome to another week of the, of the podcast I’ve been. So looking forward to this week because I have on Ana Lisa Schwartz on the tranquility talk podcast. Hi, Anna. Lisa. Hi. How are you? I’m doing good. I want to, um, I’m so excited to have you here before we dive in. I just want to share a little, a little background on, on Alisa. Well actually let me back it up a bit, but let me, let me share the background of when I met her or it was the introduction to her. I’m laying at the neurology spot in Milwaukee, getting an eyebrow wax by, by this wonderful esthetician. And we’re talking about everything related to intuition and mediumship and she’s like, Oh my gosh, I have, you have to contact this person. She’s amazing. And just went on and on.

And so I trust this esthetician. I’ve known her forever. And so I gave, uh, on Alisa a ring and um, and I, and I set up my first reading with her and I was blown away. And we’re going to talk more about that during the, during the conversation here I have, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a reading where it was so specific and so validating. And that’s what I love about. Um, I love about intuition and working with intuitives. Um, I feel that, you know, the present day choices you make are really your own crystal ball that, you know, you can be your own best psychic by the choices you make today, you can predict your future. Right. Um, however, it’s just so wonderful and refreshing to work with someone like on Alisa who works in such integrity and to have her validate what I truly knew, knew deep down. And, um, but I’m going to share a little bit more about her later. Um, but about my first reading with her, it was unbelievable. I called her a year later and I’m like, I have to write a testimonial for you. Um, but anyway, here is a little bit about Ana Lisa. She is a certified psychic medium who also holds certifications as seance, conductor

And energy healer. She has been practicing professionally for 13 years in 2017. 

She was ordained as a spiritualist minister. That’s so cool. She enjoys sharing messages from the universe, your guides and your loved ones to help empower you on your own spiritual journey. So welcome on Alisa again for this. I know I’m just, I’m just tickled. And I was so excited when you said yes. Um, you know, on Elisa has a, has a wonderful, uh, I guess you could, I don’t want to call it a show. It’s like a mini reading session on YouTube every Sunday and it’s just so much fun. And, um, who knew that we’d be here, you know, two years ago when I met her, I just I’m, I’m in awe of her capability. And, and so, so let’s talk about intuition. Um, you know, the title of this episode is prac, um, a practical approach to your intuition and the belief systems that are blocking you from it.

So I’m going to tee it off with this first question on Elisa. So tell us about intuition and how, and this is something that I’ve been grappling with. How do I know if it’s my intuition speaking to me or my ego? So intuition is really the, the definition of it is, um, having knowledge of something without any logical reason to have that knowledge, there is no nothing logical about it. It just comes to you. How do you know the difference? Cause I often have people ask me, this is how do I know if it’s my ego or how do I, you know, the are, or some people will say like, how do I know if it’s not from a higher place or the devil or something like that? They asked me that. And first I don’t believe in the devil, but second, um, your, your ego, a lower self or something, that’s not from a higher existence or from your intuition, your higher self, there’s all different names that you can call it.

Your ego is going to feel fearful, nervous, anxious, all of those lower level feelings when it’s your intuition. It’s very calm, even if it seems scary. And an example of this I will share is, uh, when I was, uh, riding home from college with a girlfriend, she lived in Madison and, uh, we were riding and I was going to continue on from Madison to the suburb of Milwaukee that I went to my dad and stepmother lived in. 

Um, and you know, Wisconsin is like farm fields forever on that highway, 95th, 94, right before she’s been in New York too long. She’s, she’s forget the home land. Um, I mean, I’ve lived all over. I grew, I lived in Texas until I was 14 and moved back there after college. So I’ve kind of been all over, but, but anyway, so we were driving and I just heard in my head, you’re going to hit a patch of ice under the overpass and the car is going to slide and this was about three football lengths away, two football field lengths away.

And I just thought, Oh, okay. Like it was very calm. There was no fear. And then we hit a patch of advice and, and literally there was cars all around us, not a patch of ice anywhere else on highway, like the roads were clear and it was just this really calm, like in a bubble kind of feeling. And I remember looking at my friend and saying, well, whatever you do, don’t oversteer. She’s, you know, throwing her hands all over the steering wheel. I said, whatever you do don’t break. And, but it was like, I would just say these things that, you know, you learn when you’re learning to drive in Wisconsin. And it was, it was like a bubble and we were completely spaced. So it was like knowing something terrible was gonna happen, but not feeling afraid or fearful. It was all very common and okay, that’s your intuition? So when people go, Oh my God, I had a dream and so-and-so is going to die. And I feel really afraid. That’s not your intuition. That’s a stressful dream you’re having, because even your pre-cognitive dreams feel very calm.

I loved that. Like, I just wanted to sit with that for a bit, because that has been, you know, w you know, people talk about, you’ve got to believe your intuition. You’ve got to expect it to work for you. You’ve got to trust it. You got to act on it. You know, all the things that, you know, and I think acting on intuition is the most difficult. And when I look back on my life with big decisions, especially in my personal life, I would always wonder, like, you know, this feeling that I’m feeling, is it just, you know, am I not trying hard enough? Is it my ego or really isn’t my intuition. And I love how you just described that. So like, if it’s, fear-based, it’s probably from that lower level, right. The ego interesting. But if it feels more expansive, it’s your intuition.

Okay. And your ego is not bad. You know, it was put in place there to protect you. Right. And that’s a lot of these old belief systems that you were taught as a way to protect you. But like over time, they’re no longer protective. They sort of hinder your growth and, and, um, hinder your happiness in many ways. Not a bad thing. It’s just needs to be reprogrammed. Yeah. I’m listening to you. I am listening to a book that sounds funny. It doesn’t, it I’m listening to a book, but I am on audio books by Anita. Moorjani called sensitive is the new strong. And she talks about that. You know, when you know, you’ve got to have your awareness style turned up, you know, and your ego as well to take care of yourself. So you’re not a doormat, but it’s like keeping that in check. So you’re able to listen to your intuition.

I love that. Um, okay. So here, okay. Is my big one. And you know, when I look back on my life, I think what were the times in my life where I knew that my intuition was speaking with me and I, and I didn’t act on it, I can think of a handful of times. And I’m sure people, you know, those of you listening, I’m sure you’re nodding your head. Like, yeah. I knew I shouldn’t have done that. Like, why do we ignore it, our intuition. So I’m going to give a classic example first, and then it’ll follow up with that. So a classic example of when, oftentimes we ignore our intuition is when you first meet someone and you have pleasantries, nice little quick conversation. Hi, how are you? Oh, you know, real quick, no, nothing negative is said, but you get that immediate.

Like, I don’t know about this person. Like something just feels off. And then your programming turns into you’re being rude and judgemental. You need to give them a chance, six months down the line. You’re like, Oh my God, I wish I would’ve listened to that. I don’t know something doesn’t feel right, because you’ve been burned by that person. So it’s sort of society kind of trains us and our, our, our raising the way we’re raised, sort of trains us to ignore our intuition. There’s religious connections to that. There’s a gas lighting connect into that. 

Um, and when you’re little, and that’s where your big programming comes from, right? When you’re five and six years old, where you look to your adults and you think, well, they’re wiser than me. They should know better. Another one would be, um, when a child falls and a parent goes, Oh, you’re fine.

You’re okay. Because they’re afraid of a tantrum and an emotional connection and emotional outbursts. And so the kid you’re looking as a kid at the parent going, Oh, it hurts, but you say it’s okay. So, so like you stop trusting what you know, and what your inner being tells you, because somebody outside of you has said, well, regardless of what that feels like, I’m telling you the opposite. So you’re unintentionally programming, some religious speak, religiously speaking, it’s, you know, um, in I’m most familiar with the Christian religion, um, it’s, it’s the idea that only certain people have that gift. And regardless of what, if you’re not one of those special anointed people, then it’s bad, it’s evil it’s of the devil. And, um, um, I don’t remember exactly where it is, but, uh, someone, someone says something about like, Oh, it’s like, you’re not allowed to see fortune tellers or something like that.

But you look at the Weizmann, they were astrologers. They were looking at the stars to teach them and show them and guide them. Um, and Jesus was oftentimes, and, and his disciples were, they were, had the experiences of mediumship and prophecy and healing. So I just often say to people, when they say, well, what I said, well, why would God just all of a sudden go, well, it’s only for people in that time, but not now. It’s just that doesn’t exist anymore. That’s not true for everybody. I believe everybody has the ability to connect in with their own intuition. Um, so there’s a lot of things that get, um, twisted for power and control, like over time. And so you stop knowing what to feel. But the big thing right now that people are saying is I’m an empath, I’m an empath. And it seems like everybody’s an empath. Well, I believe that everybody has an ability to connect them with their intuition. And I prefer to call it being clairsentient, which is clear, Oh, wait, yeah, clarify, clear, feeling clear feeling. And, and that can be your feelings, your emotions. It can be physical things, um, physically touching or physically feeling it inside of your body, uh, for, um, and I think that’s the one Claire that is the easiest for people to connect into and not feel like they’re doing something of the devil. Right. It’s still just it’s that enough.

Um, separate from something being woo or crazy. Like people are still okay with gut feelings, but empath is the big, and I, I sort of kind of roll my eyes when everybody says, they’re an F I’m like, you’re using your clairsentience. We’re all. Yeah. It, yeah. You see a lot of books these days. Everybody has that ability, but you’re not special for it. You’re just that you’re connected into it. And that’s really great that you’re aware of it and honoring it. So what you’re saying is to use the word empath, we’re all in past, we’re all Claire says, see it, whatever Claire center for clairsentient doesn’t matter. It said both ways. Okay. And so what you’re saying is we all, it’s kind of like, we all have that tool in our toolbox. It’s just that some are more connected. They know how to use that tool.

Okay. That makes sense. That makes sense. And so when we talk about the kids, I made a note here, you know, like those kids, I remember my niece always had imaginary friends and my sister would get mad at me because I would lead in and I’d say, well, what did they look like? Because I feel like, you know, as you’re saying, like the kids are more in touch with that. So I’m like, well, she probably is seeing something. And my sister would say, neg, you know, leave her alone. That’s her way of control, like controlling her environment. What do you, what do you think about that with the imaginary friends? 

I think your sister’s really uncomfortable with it. And so in order to like, not have to like tap into the possibility of what that means or who that could be, it’s easier to say she’s controlling. It’s, it’s a, it’s a gaslighting thing she’s doing are all very sensitive. And, um, in different ways, uh, my oldest daughter, the four I was pregnant with my youngest daughter said, mommy, I keep seeing a baby girl in the office. That office is now her bedroom. So my third, my youngest daughter’s bedroom. So she would see her around before. And then even when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter before I was even far enough along to like, test for it, she, my oldest daughter went up to my belly and put her hands around my belly and said, hello, little baby in there. Oh my gosh. Yeah. My middle daughter, when she was really little, like two years old, she would say, mommy, I used to be a man in my last life. And I had four children and I drove a truck outside. She has no recollection of telling me those things, but I would say, Oh really?

And we just talk about it. And I don’t ever say that, no, that’s not possible. We talk about all of those things. Um, and I talk about honoring their own intuition and what they feel about things. And if they have experiences well, what do you feel about that? How do you feel about it? You know, or who do you see? What do they look like? What do they feel like to you to leave them as open-ended questions rather than leading questions? So there was a Netflix, I love Netflix. I’m kind of like, you know, it’s my new best friends since COVID, so I’m surviving death. Have you watched it documentary? Okay. It’s a documentary on Netflix. And, um, it’s some physicians that, um, you know, we’re starting to follow and research people that had had these near-death experiences. And then, you know, the next season was interviewing people that had like your daughter that, you know, when they were younger, they knew that they lived and they would research and they go back and they figure out like this child, it was this person that’s just fascinating to me.

And do you think you were talking about like the Wiseman and the astrology and Jesus being a healer and all of that? Do you feel that like sometimes, and this just came to me as you’re talking, I feel like, Oh, you know, people say we’re so much more enlightened. It’s, you know, this age we were becoming more evolved. Do you think that’s true or do you feel like we’re moving farther away from the mysticism and it becomes kind of like, is it more woo these days and was it more, um, accepted back then? Am I making sense? Um, do you know, I don’t know that it was that accepted back then, um, in many ways, because look at how he was ostracized. Um, but there are other cultures that accept it more than other religions.

That accept it more you look at. Um, and a lot of the Hispanic cultures and, um, and Mexico, they celebrate DIA de Muertos, right? So they have the day of the dead, they celebrate those. And a lot of Asian cultures, they celebrate their elders that have crossed over and they have alters for them. So, um, and different religions and the Hindu religion too. So it’s just different. And I don’t know if it’s, whether in Christianity they had, you know, when, uh, I mean, there’s so much to it. Let’s do it, right. That’s another podcast. It’s about control. And I don’t want to like turn people off because it’s not, I, that’s not my intention. It’s just, there’s a lot of reasons why things got taken out of the bottle, out of the Bible, like, um, reincarnation, um, and all of that removed from the Bible, uh, when Constantine came into power, there’s all kinds of reasons that happens.

There’s all kinds of reasons why, um, when there’s translations different words get changed to mean different things. So I, you know, I don’t, I don’t know exactly, but I know that it has. Um, but I also know that it seems like there’s kind of an awakening happening where people are starting to realize that there is something greater and where quantum physics is proving, you know, different things, um, with energy. And so I think it’s making people feel less crazy and understanding that maybe there is something more to this that we can heal ourselves, that we can heal, um, that, you know, you’re the cells in your body respond to positive and negative energy, just like plants and water do.

Yeah. It’s, it’s fascinating. I, um, you know, and, and I was talking with someone the other day too, about, um, this idea of when, and I know this is kind of like a little bugaboo for you when people say, well, I’m an empath and I need to protect myself from energy vampires. And it drives me crazy. And I used to buy into that like, Oh, this person drains me. So I, you know, and then I’m like, well, wait a minute, no one can really drain me. I’d like to hear your perspective on this idea of protection. So I don’t think that you need to protect yourself because I, so I believe in manifestation, right. But I don’t believe in the law of attraction, I believe in the law of assumption. So if I assume I’m safe and that my guy keep me safe, then I’m safe. I’m good. I have to worry about it’s so bad. Um, I look at it like you can walk into a situation and just rather than absorbing everything and letting it drain you, you can just go, Oh, well if you have depression and anxiety and not you, but I’m just saying I do have, well, it was just an example to feel those, we don’t have it. It’s uncomfortable, or you have a headache or you have a backache, or you have a health issue to walk into that. You know, it’s just as easy, as easy to see it as being like, well, you have Brown hair and you have Brown eyes and you’re five foot, whatever. And you’re this, you know, you like, you have a Brown shoes on and you’re wearing like a keep going, Brown, whatever. Um, but, but the point is, is it’s just another facet or another detail to who you are, but you don’t have to just suck in and be like, I need to take this on as my own. It’s not yours, their experience. It’s their part of their humanness as protection.

That’s very empowering. What you, how you just explained it, you know, it gives the power back to the person who’s feeling that other people have the power. Yeah. But they did. They don’t. And, and the reality is, is the only you have the power to go, do I want to experience this or not? And at what level do I want to experience this and take this on? And anybody who says that they don’t is just not willing to take responsibility and ownership of their own power. Um, I was going to say something and I forgot it’ll come to me. If it’s important. That’s what I tell my kids when they get worried that I forgot, they forgot something. Oh, it’ll come to you. If it’s important, little manifesting thing, it’s important that you’ll remember.

Okay, well, you knew, okay, well, if that pops back in, you just interrupt me and we can go back to whatever it is you wanted to bring up. I would like to talk a little bit about, you know, why like, how can people, if you know, people are listening to this and they’re intrigued with intuition, and I know that you teach, you would not only have clients that you do intuitive readings for mediumship reading score, you know, to offer healing and connection to their loved ones. 

Can you talk to me a little bit more about what you do as a teacher, when you teach people and you guide them in harnessing their own intuition. Okay. And why? Like, how can we do that? Could you give us kind of like a little one Oh one like you do with your students and how we can connect to our intuition on a daily basis and how we can use it? Sure. So what I often tell people to do is think about the instances where you either didn’t listen to your intuition or did listen to your intuition, because those are perfect examples of, of what it feels like. Right? So when I first started, how I got started doing this was I, I knew I had dreams that came true. I knew that I saw things sometimes, and I knew that I heard things sometimes, but I had zero idea of how to tap into it. 

I just thought it was stuff that would randomly happen here and there. And a dear friend of mine, who I walked into it like a meetup group for Lightworkers the first time she saw me. I said, what do you do? And she said, you’re going to do readings. And when I sat with her and close my eyes, I started seeing pictures, rifle through my, my vision, like a, in my mind’s eye. And I just started telling her everything. And she said, do you want me to tell you what it means? Cause I know what it means. I had no clue. I was just random pictures going. And she was able to validate what I was seeing. She was able to fit every single image that I was getting with an experience or a person that crossed over in her life that showed me that I couldn’t shut my brain down at night.

Not because there was something wrong with my brain, but because I was connecting with spirit and didn’t realize that, that they were trying to talk to me a lot of times, we don’t realize what those experiences are or how to make sense of that. So when I meet with people, we talk about a, what, everything is all the different clairs and all the very big basics of it, because I feel like I don’t know what your background is. So let’s dive in from the beginning on how I picture it. I picture it as you’re building up personal language with your guides and with the universe. So I kind of get annoyed when people go, well, a butterfly means this, this means this. Whenever you see this, it means that, well, it means that for your language, right? That specific person’s language. So if you see a butterfly, it for you, it may mean that it’s a loved one crossover, but for me it means transformation.

And then the stages of the butterfly’s development. So is it in a Caterpillar stage or a cocoon stage that tells me a lot more information too. So they’re going to, they can give you a lot of information in a quick little vision or a feeling or a sense, um, teach people how to understand that and how to build their own language. I don’t sit with them and hold their hand through it, but I give them exercises, do it. We do work together to do the exercises for them to connect in and know that that’s what they’re experiencing and get the validation of what they’re experiencing. And then I, you know, I’m there when we’re not having the in person zoom meetings. I do, um, you know, I’m available through email to any validations or anything that they need or experiences that they’ve had that they’re unsure of, because I think that’s also really handy.

Cause when I was developing, I was like, Oh, I had this weird experience and I can’t seem to find anybody who’s had this. What does it mean? So I’m also helping people like, Oh, well even when you have those weird experiences, you don’t need to look outside of yourself. You can find the answer within yourself and within your, your guides will always validate things for you too. Um, I get people to the point where they would be comfortable giving a reading to somebody else. It doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily using those abilities for that, but I want you to be so connected and so comfortable with your own intuition that you couldn’t give. If you want it.

It’s about trust. It’s about learning to, uh, you’re not really connecting and because your intuition is always there, you know, your, your connection to spirit and sources really, truly, always there. It’s just a matter of recognizing that it’s really the subtleties that there it’s, it’s not all the big messages that they’re going to give you the smacking you over the head with, you know, a voice booming outside of your ear. But it’s all of these little, Spiner energetic connections that you just have to become, pay attention to and learn how to, you know, what the language is. And when you start, you know, if you learn a second language or will you look at a child when they’re developing their language, they’re not getting it perfect. The first time they’re starting with words here and there, right? You learn to read, you don’t learn to read in sentences, you start with letters.

Then you start with basic vocabulary and there’s a ton of repetition and really the only way to get comfortable with it and develop it is to just practice. So how do you practice on a day-to-day basis? You can take a news story and connect them with a news story. You get a random thought about a friend, give them a text, ask them, you know, like, how are you doing? You just randomly popped into my head. Oh my God, I was going to call you. You’ve got a psychic connection. You know, it’s all these little things that happen and all these energetic connections that happen that we just tend to take for granted.

So I’m sitting here taking notes as you’re talking, because I could talk to you for hours on this. And I’m putting myself in the shoe, I’m putting myself in the shoes of someone listening to this and you know, I’ve been so immersed. I love everything about intuition and just, you know, reading and connecting with people like you. And I’m also thinking, okay, if I’m listening to this episode, these are some things that I would maybe be wanting to hear. So, um, could you a couple of questions, number one, could you share like, is when you say intuition and when you say guides, like, are you saying that, that, that our intuition, our guides speak through our intuition or vice versa? Can you, yeah, it’s just a paragraph or that your radio channel and connection to the higher source. So there’s a lot of like where I just say it’s nomenclature, you know, it doesn’t matter what you call it.

You’re just naming it. So you want to call it God, it’s God, you want to call it a higher being. It’s a higher being, it’s a source. It’s your higher self it’s guides. It’s really all just a mass source of energy. They’re all parts of it. Um, and they speak to you through your inner intuition, through your radio channel. Your, uh, what’s the name of it, the problem with when you get into these modes of getting excited and I can’t find the logical place, I think it’s kind of, it’s kind of like, Oh, sorry, go ahead. It’s your antenna. That’s what I was thinking. Okay. It brings me information then. And, and, and it, and it translates it for you. So it’s kind of like, our intuition is part of, it’s like the way I look at it, it w when you’re explaining it right now, it’s like, okay, there are my guides source universe, divine, all those beautiful, this beautiful source. And like, my intuition is like the little piece of source in me that is speaking to me. So like, that’s my way of like, you know, for connection, you were all, when you will, you leave this avatar, when you leave this flesh vehicle, um, you are back in force, you are a part of it. So it’s just your, it’s your, you know, the Jewish religion, they call it a silver cord. And once your silver cord releases, your, your soul leaves your body, um, it’s your connection, your phone line, your hard wired to connect into it. What’s beautiful. So I, I know that some people will be like, Meg, ask her the question of like, what is it, what it, what does it feel like to be able cause you do mediumship work. 

So connecting, you know, your clients and getting messages from their loved ones. When you, like, how does it work? Has it evolved? I’m assuming it’s evolved for you over the years.

So anytime you develop a language, you know, it gets better. The more you use it, it gets, you know, you get more refinements and you get more vocabulary and it’s clear and it’s quicker. Um, so, but it’s not the same every time it depends on the spirit. Right? So some of them, and then again, I can switch even during the reading. So sometimes I can see them in my mind’s eye and know there and feel them standing right next to me. Sometimes I feel like they’re literally sitting in me, but I still get an image of what they look like as if they weren’t out in me. Like it’s very, um, there’s many levels and layers to the experience of it. And sometimes they’re just kind of outside or they’re just in my head, like, uh, like it’s just like speaking and I can’t get any sort of physical essence.

And they just give me details of what they look like or what they feel like. Or sometimes I can hear their voice. So a woman, I did a reading for last night. I said, her son’s father had passed away. And I said, these are really deep voice, like Barry white. Cause I could hear Barry white singing in my head and she goes, yeah, he did. So it comes through in all different ways and I’m just sort of open to whatever’s easiest for them to convey the message I’m sort of open to it. I just don’t like physical movement. So I don’t want them moving things around though. I haven’t had a few of them move things before, but not, not in a scary way. That was years, years ago. And I had, and this is when I still went to people’s homes and I had a crystal shaped, like it was a selenite heart sitting on a table in front of me. 

And I kept giving her information, her father coming through and she kept saying, no, no, no. And then I’d be like, well, I have, this feels like his furniture. And then she’d say no, no, no. And then she went, well, this is their furniture from and like started validating everything I was saying. And literally I could feel him frustrated and walking away because she was like, well, what was our favorite food? And I said, I see like chocolate to that pancakes or something like that. She was like, well, no, it was banana. I’m like, Oh, for Christ’s sakes. Like out of all the foods I could pick to be the favorite. I didn’t say that out loud, but I thought, Oh Lord lady, you really don’t want this message. Do you and the heart sitting on a flat table the entire time spun around and faced me. And I felt like he was saying, I’m so sorry, I’m giving you as much love as I can for me through this for having to deal with her.

Oh no, it is what it is. It was a tie, you know, like people are people and they, and that’s the other thing about, at that time, I hadn’t gone through therapy and I just, I have a lot of empathy for people and I have a bigger understanding of where people are at now. Like some people used to say to me, it’d be really scary to be, or I wouldn’t want to be like you. And I thought, but what it’s offered me is like, yeah, I see a lot of like hurt and pain. And yeah, I feel a lot of like sadness and things like that, but I feel a lot of joy and it’s also allowed me to be a heck of a lot more empathetic for myself. Um, and kind to myself because instead of being so hard on myself for not being perfect or not being a certain something, it’s like, well, we all have something.

We all have our stuff. It’s just, we’re just all trying to get through this human experience. And you know, we’re not alone. Yeah. It’s kind of like, we’re the warriors down here and this is terrible to say, but I’m going to say it. My mom, the other day was like, well, you know, when, when, when I’m gone and I grabbed her arm, I’m like, will you take me with you? Because I have a feeling there’s just like this huge. I’m just like, I’m like, I want to go to, because I really feel like, you know, it’s a huge party over there. You know? Like, I feel like we’re in this kind of experiment. Like people like fear it’s me while I’m doing things that I know. There are people that are going to come into my life in the future and other things where like, you know, they’re related to people that have yet to be a part of my life, but where they’re having drinks and just chatting away, like they’re still having drinks over there.

They’re still having fun. You know, if there’s a lot of, I read for this who was worked with hockey players. And it was really funny because I was like, like backsides, I’m trying, I don’t want to swear in your pocket. No, that’s okay man in life. And she goes, Oh my God, I go still is Dylan like rude comments. And you know, they still have personalities. And as someone once said to me and they did a meditation and connected them with their grandmother and they thought their grandmother was really sweet and kind and healed. I’m taking a lot of time out. I’ll get to it, but no, it’s a sweet and kind. And, and she said, and she said, well, why wouldn’t you see her that way? I said, because if I came to you as somebody who wouldn’t know anything and said, Oh, your grandmother is so nice and she’s healed now, you’d be like, that’s not my grandmother. 

You wouldn’t recognize her. So they’re going to come to me and give me details that you would recognize them. That would make sense, because even if they’ve done the healing work, they’re not going to come and come in as like, you know, making cookies kind of grandma when they were like beating you over the head with a rolling pin and it just not.

Right. Right. Well, I recognize their energy and then could see them as being healed if you did your own work. Well, I want to share with the listeners. Um, so I’ve had a couple of readings with Annalisa over the past. It will be two years, I think, in the next couple of months. And you know, my most recent reading with you was, I don’t know, maybe a month ago. And so on Elisa is you’re a medical intuitive, right? That’s it seems that way. I think because I had been a nurse, it just seems they give me a lot of medical stuff. I didn’t set out for that to be the purpose by any means. Right? Well, she, she did the body scan of me, you know, from the top of my head, the crown chakra through my body, you know, and she, and she just, we did like a meditation together, like a grounding meditation.

And number one, she nailed it. I had an earache in my left ear. My left side of my neck always hurts. And you know, she, like, she nailed it with other, some other things as well. But what brought me to tears was when she started the meditation, she was like, you know, moving through the head, you know, and she’s walking me through it and I’ve got my eyes closed. And my friend who passed over about four years ago from breast cancer, who was, and continues to be like such a, um, inspiration to me. And she was such a cheerleader. And I, she was just such a light in my life and continues to be, she popped into my, into my brain and it was like, Kristen, Oh, hi, Kristin, literally. And when we got done, she looked at on Elisa, looked at me and said, did you have a friend, a female friend who passed away from breast cancer a few years ago, short blonde hair. And I just put my head down on the table and distract my head. And that was such a gift on Elisa because it was such a confirmation that what I have been feeling since she has passed over is true.

Yeah. She, um, it was interesting because she came through right. When I got to the ear, like when I look at ear shock Rose and whether or not people are, you know, receiving information to the clear audience and she was, she said something in my ear. I couldn’t really hear it. And she almost passed through me in a way. And, um, and she was very clear. And then I, when I told you what it was, I go, when I got to this ear, shocker, I saw and you’re like, Oh my God. And to me, that was really cool validation for you because sometimes that’s what we need to go, Oh my God, I’m not crazy. I’m not making that up in my head. That’s really happening because how in the world would you get that at that same moment that I got that that’s where doing circles with other people and being brave and having those friends that maybe are a little bit intuitive to where you can be like, Hey, if I have experiences, can I validate them with you?

And, and then being able to validate those experiences is really, really crucial to developing your intuition and connecting with it. And it really does. You really do have to be brave. You’ll hear a lot of people say, you know, I had to step out of the psychic closet. You know, you, you do have to get ready because you, there are going to still be people I get called crazy. I’ve, you know, I’ve had family members be pretty awful and, and, and brutal about things. And you just have to learn to like, just know, like, you know, that what you’re doing, you’re meant to be doing it. And it’s real.

Yeah. My mother, my sister, um, Oh, and by the way, the story about my niece that was like 20 years ago. And, um, yeah, my sister is so like, I feel like she, her intuition has really blossomed and it’s just fun to talk about it. Um, okay. So like one more story you guys, because I know you all love, I get emails. People are like, I love your stories, Meg. So I have to share my first reading with you. And this was before I did my whole reset in alcohol, because as you guys know, I’ve talked about that in last week’s episode, four amazing ways. My life changed when I took a break from alcohol. Um, but I, my intuition was speaking to me every morning, take a break, take a break. I was never an alcoholic. I’m not an alcoholic, but I was, I was leaning on the crutch of alcohol to, to mask the overwhelm.

It was just my default mechanism. So it was just like that steady drip each night of a glass or two of wine. And it was really, um, diminishing my own intuition and my own light. And so every morning I’d wake up and, you know, neg, you know, take a break. It would be this whisper in my ear. Well, I had a reading with, on Elisa. It was the summer of 2019. Not only did she say, you know, you should really take a break from red by Melbourne, all open. Dang it. Um, but she also said you’re going to be going to the East coast on a regular basis. And I’m like, why would I go to the East coast? I’ve been to New York, like two times in my life. I’m totally happy in the Midwest. Like, no, I’m not gonna be going to the East coast.

Literally two months or three months later, I went to work for an old colleague at a startup in New York, outside of New York city. And I was going there every month before COVID hit. And I’m still working for that company. She also told me you’re going to be on a morning show a morning TV show. Hello, a year later, I’m on the morning TV show about giving up the red wine that she told me to give up. So like, for those of you listening, like it’s, it’s like unbelievably, um, it’s just fun for me. Intuition. It’s, it’s it’s um, you know, like working with someone like on Elisa it, yes. It validates. And it’s also, I don’t know, it adds a little spice to life. Um, and so what I would love to hear from you on Elisa as we kind of close things out here, I think, I think you’re going to have to come on again, because I know like when I, when we hang up, I’m going to be like, why didn’t I ask her this?

I would love that. I always enjoy talking about this stuff and it’s easy. I would love to come on again. Sure. Okay, cool. Um, but I do have like one or two more questions if you have, if you have time, do you have time? You got time. All right. Okay, cool. So I’m going to, I’m going to, I’m going to pull an Oprah here and I’m going to ask you, she always asks people. I love this question and I thought about how could I ask it differently? So I don’t sound like over a boat, whatever. Um, what do you know for sure?

Well, thinking of that, I know, I know for sure I’m supposed to help others grow in their ability, power them and let them feel a spiritual connection. And maybe they haven’t found other places. Uh, and I know for sure that we are not just flashy being here and that we are way more powerful than we could ever imagine.

That’s beautiful. Yeah. Well, those are some pretty good things to know for sure. So go ahead. Go ahead. Oh, no, no. We had a little bit of a disconnect on the zoom here. Go ahead. You know, I just, I just love doing what I do. It brings me joy and it makes me really happy when I get to see that it’s helping others kind of, you know, it’s not about, it’s just like where they get to see that they have a connection to, that’s just, it’s just incredible. And, um, I hope that everybody gets to find that for themselves, that, that thing that makes them just find happiness and joy and feel polled. Yeah.

Yeah. We all, it’s like, you know, it’s like, how do you really want to feel in your life? Because all the goals in everything we, we go to attain it’s, it’s not really the goal. It’s the way we’re going to

Feel when we achieve that. Yeah. So I think it’s really about people often think it’s the goal and it’s not, it’s, you know, perfection is just a fleeting moment, you know, it’s something that you add in flow in and out of, it’s not the goal. Isn’t the get, cause once you have the goal, then you’re like, okay, well, what’s the next thing. It’s really about the journey along the way it is. I read somewhere, I think it was Esther Hicks. Who said, you know, what’s the point of reaching the goal? If the journey is, you know, horrible.

No, I, I mean like, this is a silly story, but, you know, but it’s, it just came to my mind yesterday. I was having a mattress delivered and it was just a big kind of a cluster. And, and I was all excited to have the mattress delivered, but it didn’t work out yesterday. And, you know, in my, this would have been like even a year ago, I would’ve just gotten upset and frustrated that, you know, the delivery guys would walk up five flights because they would only walk up three and that was the contract, you know, but I was like, okay, why am I going to create drama around this? I’ll just call the company, reschedule it to later this week, because I don’t want to have that negative energy. You know, what I, you know, with something that’s coming into my home and that you’re going to be sleeping on.

Exactly. And so it’s like the journey of getting my mattress. I go with, this sounds so mundane, but it was an experience this week that I, I had a choice of, you know, pushing hard getting after them, you know, calling the boss and this, and I was just like, you know what, it’s just not meant to be today. And frankly, I don’t, yeah. I don’t want this energy in my home. So I’m going to let it flow and I’m going to enjoy the journey and then I’ll enjoy the destination, my new mattress even more. And maybe the bigger picture too, could be that like, maybe it wasn’t even so much about you in that mattress. Maybe it had something to do with the delivery guys or the guy, the company guy that you’re calling. Like, there’s so many things going on behind the scenes that we have no idea how it’s being explored spirited for, you know, for people to manifest their dreams and their hopes that you just have no idea. It’s easier to just, you know, go with relaxed about it and trust the happen. Yeah. Kind of like acceptance, you know, I used to live in the past a lot and I had a lot of regrets and I’m learning to be like, you know, that, like you’re saying, it’s like that trust is trusting that, you know, you’re in going in the right direction.

Okay. Well with that, um, so for those of you listening in that we’re going to have a bunch of links in the podcast notes. The one thing I do want to highlight is on Elisa has a fabulous, um, Sunday evening, what do you call it on Elisa? Like a workshop or just, no, it’s, uh, like it’s $5 a question. 30% of it. I, I give to charity every week and I’ve been giving it through the food bank of New Jersey because a dollar provides three meals there and their food scarcity is, is so prevalent and so unnecessary. Um, so I’m trying to help any little bit that I can. Um, so I do do 30% of that. So it’s $5 per question. You just come on to the live. Um, if you, if you subscribe to my email through my website, which is, um, my spiritual friend.com, you’ll get a notification ahead of time, but otherwise you can come online. And my monitoring there KK gives you all the information and you can make your payment.

And then when I call your name, you post your question and I answer your question. I don’t use tarot cards or anything. I just use my intuition and that’s it. It’s just, it runs longer and shorter. And sometimes I chat a little bit and other times I don’t, and it depends on if there’s lags or just, it’s always a different experience. Um, so I have that and I have that Instagram and I do, I did start something yesterday. I know it seems last minute, but I’m kind of talking about where I do a pick a card for taro and I’m teaching you how I read Terrell and how I sort of tap into intuition. It’s like, right. You pick a card for each day to sort of build your own spiritual practice. So it’s meant for the next day. So you can set the intention that add that into your spiritual practice throughout your day, rather than having to cover about time or added in last minute, when you may have a lot of other stuff going on.

And is that on your website? That’s on my YouTube and on Instagram, but just on my YouTube, it’ll be on there too. Oh, okay. Okay. And your Instagram is my spiritual friend, right? Yeah. Everything is my spiritual friends. So, um, YouTube is my spiritual friend. Instagram is my spiritual friends. Twitter is my spiritual F R N D because they wouldn’t let me have the I N E and my website is my spiritual friend.com. Okay, cool. Yeah. A lot of my girlfriends hop on, well, Natalie, I don’t want to say on that, but you know, a few of my girlfriends will hop on your YouTube and they love it. Sometimes if I’m making dinner, I’ll just hop on and watch, even if I’m not like asking for a reading that time. But yeah, you guys are interested in learning more about on Lisa hop on this Sunday. Um, two or a YouTube channel four o’clock Eastern four. O’clock Eastern. Yeah. Four o’clock Eastern. And you can pay me the $5 via PayPal, PayPal, Venmo. If you’re an absolute, some people absolutely hate PayPal. So even though they’re the same. Okay, well, we’ll put all the links in the episode.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you doing this. Oh my gosh. I appreciate you. And we’ll have you back soon. Okay. Great. Sounds good. Thanks. Bye. Bye.

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