Episode 37

Why Your Ego May Be Fueling Your People Pleasing

Why Your Ego May Be Fueling Your People Pleasing

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Are you an HSP (highly sensitive person)? Empath? People Pleaser? If so, your ego may be running the show. If you are confused, so was I…until I made the connection that wanting to be the “good girl/boy” and get those gold stars in many ways is a result of an ego-driven life. When you make other people’s reactions towards you, their opinions of you, or even their advice for you the compass for your life, you are probably feeling overwhelmed. The ego is often masked as that voice in your head that says you aren’t enough, you must do better, be better, look better, and act better to be worthy of the love, success, happiness, and growth you desire.

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Highlights of today's episode

  1. Why grudges are essentially other people’s energy you hold on to.

  2. How lack of boundaries could be the result of your ego running the show.

  3. A 3 step process that will help you balance your ego.

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