Elegant Evelyn’s Diary, Ch. 1

Hello Darling,

Greetings to you on this beautiful miracle of a new day.

You may be wondering what on earth is “whistle tea and hounds,” who is Elegant Evelyn, and what did she do with Meg? 

Not to worry. Let me clear things up with a short introduction. My name is Elegant Evelyn and I love cultivating beauty in my mind, heart, and home.

Lavender infused ironed bedsheets anyone?

When things got a bit overwhelming with Meg’s workload, I decided to step in, shape things up, and add a little style. You can think of me as a modern day Mary Poppins dropping in to lighten the load.

Since she’s busy with the the podcast, …her 30 Day Reset, …and the Live More Drink Less community, she’s asked me to reinvent the blog posts by chatting about all things lovely, calm, cozy, and beautiful.

As for the “whistle tea and hounds” let me explain…

I was on a walk in the woods a few months ago. It was a magical morning. The kind where the early rain had bathed the trees and the sunlight peaked through the branches as the day was beginning to unfold. Birds were chirping, the river rushed from the spring thaw, and the english setters were galloping ahead. I had a whistle around my neck and as I reached down for something, it dropped into my tea. 

It was one of those lightbulb moments where the phrase “whistle tea and hounds” popped into my head and I simply couldn’t stop thinking about it. It was clearly IMPOSSIBLE to get it out of my head!

The phrase evoked what truly makes my heart sing. The dogs, a scrumptious tea, early mornings, the water, and the mysticism of the woods.

The simple pleasures of life are the abundance we find in the moments of the day. They are available to us through a short walk, an afternoon tea, a conversation with a good friend, or cozying up with a good book. 

My diaries will share experiences and adventures in cultivating the essence of these simple pleasures in my head, heart, and home. 

This week is all about creating the coveted calm within our minds. Just yesterday I was in hot yoga and as we moved into my all time favorite pose (and one which I would prefer to stay in the entire 60 minutes) Savasana, I was utterly unable to quiet my mind.

Control, rumination, and keeping score were swirling in my head. Yet right before the chime rang signaling the end of our meditation, I was able to draw in two breaths with my mind entirely quiet. “Only two breaths?!” you might say?? Yet those two breaths and the peace they created were able to shift my mindset and carry me throughout the day embodying my best self.

What do you do to calm your mind?

Because let’s face it…Running around with spinning minds, living in frantic chaos, and trying to control everything and everyone is not only exhausting darling but it’s the antithesis of elegant. 

Which brings me to that word. Elegant. What does the word mean to you?

While it initially may come across as unapproachable, if you choose your own definition and make it your own, it takes on new meaning. For me, it’s taking care of myself on the inside and out so I feel my best and can give to others in my world in the best way possible. It’s about respecting my mind, body, and surroundings because when we feel good, we do good.

It’s showing compassion to others. Biting our tongues when judgement is begging to peep out of our lips. It’s realizing everyone carries burdens we are unaware so perhaps the snide remark or getting in the last word is not the best choice. 

Getting ahead of myself as usual!….

Let me just say I am giddy with excitement to share my musings, adventures, and mishaps each week with you.

So I shall leave you with this… 

Where your attention goes, your energy flows. 

Will your attention be looking towards what is right today… or what is wrong? 

Will you be staying in your own business… or up in others?

You are a magical work of art created by the divine and capable of curating the life and feelings you desire.

So step into your story. Create your personal brand. Live your values.

Oh and don’t forget to go for the walk in the rain, take a long bubble bath, and top the night off with buttery popcorn in bed with a fabulous flick. 

Until next time,


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Meg Daly


Hi I’m Meg. I love helping empathic people who sometimes “feel too much” calm their head, hearts, and homes through my courses and books. Ultimately we all want to feel good in our bodies, relationships, and with the work we do in this world. When we remove the roadblocks that exist on the road to feeling the way we want to feel life tend to flow easier. 

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