“When I started working with Meg I had two very specific hurdles to address in order to move my new business from “plan” to “Action”. An attentive listener, Meg asked very specific questions and was able to offer insight allowing us to arrive at “next steps” that, in just a few sessions, served to clear my mind and my path. Meg has provided a service that I will forever be grateful for as I now take my business to the next level with confidence.” – Bridget Reilly

Ready to Live More
& Drink Less?

Join me for a 12-week intensive and private coaching program to start sleeping, looking, and feeling better. This also includes free access to the 30-Day Reset. 

I’m not drinking and able to be a much better hostess.
Better quality sleep, my food is turning out better, house
is cleaner, I’m nicer, and I haven’t broken anything.
– 30-Day Reset Participant

I don’t know what to say… You’re really making me think.
It’s about time. I get a little weepy over feeling that I
actually deserve tenderness from anyone, but especially
myself.” – 30-Day Reset Participant