Your Results: Overwhelmed Drinker

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Out What This MeanS…

You want to be present. Mindfulness sounds inspiring and exactly what you need. The problem is the anxiety or just plain overwhelm from the day hits consistently on cue. Your best intentions for choosing wellness go out the window. It’s not your fault! 

We are hard wired to find something that will make us feel better. You might find that alcohol is like an old friend showing up for moral support. Its ability to quickly create calm feels good… in fact it feels great… for awhile. Soon, however, that bubble of joy bursts and the after effects of deprived sleep, inflammation, and impatience tend to increase your anxiety even more. 

By joining the Sober Tranquility 30 Day Reset, you give your body and nervous system the opportunity to operate without the habitual flow of alcohol. The thing is, alcohol is just something you reach for when feeling stressed. Imagine for a moment what life would feel like if you rewired your brain to reach for something different. Perhaps a “Tranquility Treat” or two? Intrigued? Click here to check out how simply taking a break can actually create a sense of ease in your everyday.