What Makes Your heart Sing?

Fresh sheets and fresh flowers of course 🙂

On a deeper note, however, after years of chasing outside myself for purpose, to feel at home, to create that space of security, I finally got it. The cliche “everything you need is within” rang true. 

I felt out of place not having children… until I realized I am a mother to many.

I white knuckled the weekly flights for a job that was making me ill…until I had an epiphany.

I wondered why the men I chose fed off my resources, time and energy like pariahs… until I met someone who would become my greatest teacher. 

I kept polling the outside world on what I was meant to do in this life… until I started listening to my own inner voice. 

Our only purpose is to live from a place of love which will always guide us to what is right and true.

How we care for the 4 homes we live in really determines our level of contentment. 

Our mind, body, spirit and physical spaces. 

When we care for these homes, things begin to flow in a natural way. 



What happens when you tend to your homes, or in other words become the person you were meant to be, is beyond amazing. 

For me, here are just a few things that started:

  • My sleep was deep.
  • Dreams were vivid.
  • Intuition was heightened.
  • Ability to connect here and beyond became powerful.
  • I released weight.
  • I released alcohol.
  • I released guilt.
  • I embraced life. 
  • I embraced freedom. 
  • I embraced knowing. 

If you are ready to up level everything, it’s really not that difficult. Instead, it just comes down to a choice. A choice to simply exist.. or to live. 

Before you go....

So here we are. What I know for sure is that the more we cultivate calm in our minds, bodies, and homes, the more we are able to listen to the intuition we all possess…to savor in the little delights of life… and to embody love.

So glad you are here.