What Makes Your heart Sing?

Fresh sheets and fresh flowers of course 🙂

On a deeper note, however, after years of chasing outside myself for purpose, to feel at home, to create that space of security, I finally got it. The cliche “everything you need is within” rang true. 

I felt out of place not having children… until I realized I am a mother to many.

I white knuckled the weekly flights for a job that was making me ill…until I had an epiphany.

I wondered why the men I chose fed off my resources, time and energy like pariahs… until I met someone who would become my greatest teacher. 

I kept polling the outside world on what I was meant to do in this life… until I started listening to my own inner voice. 

Really, our only purpose is to live from a place of love which will lead us to doing what we love.

Things came together in August of 2022 when I sold my condo in downtown Milwaukee and bought a home in quaint and quiet village not far from the city. 

"Meggie's cottage"?

While in the process of transforming my home into the lovely cottages I admired flipping through The English Home Magazine, my friend and decorator Deb Barrett texted me one evening “have you thought about documenting all of this in a blog?”

She had literally read my mind and gave a voice, and permission in a way, to what I had been secretly dreaming of for years. An online sanctuary for people to feel loved, cozy, inspired, and connected through beauty, nature, cooking, and mysticism. 

Flash forward a few weeks later, I am cleaning out the cupboards in my bathroom organizing things and I receive a phone call that would change my life. 

My best friend and “twin flame” abruptly left this realm and passed over the veil. Everything fell out from beneath me. He was my rock, my biggest cheerleader, and the one who promised to be there for me no matter what. While we had not been a “couple” for quite some time, we were each other’s family. We were connected in a way that others could not understand but for us this was simply one of many lifetimes we had lived through. Perhaps in this one, the wounds had been healed, wrongs made right, and healing made whole.

A week or so after he had slipped over, I woke in the early hours of the morning with a voice in my head, “Meggie’s Cottage.” This was his name for me instead of Meg. “Softer,” he said. “More like you.”



Before you go....

So here we are. What I know for sure is that the more we cultivate calm in our minds, bodies, and homes, the more we are able to listen to the intuition we all possess…to savor in the little delights of life… and to embody love.

So glad you are here.