Inspiration of the week…Evone Harris! She Just Knew

She Just Knew.

I’ve decided to dedicate each Friday to writing about someone who embodies the meaning of inspiration. To kick it off, I am honored to highlight Evone Harris.

Recently I attended a quarterly event called Transforum by Mount Mary University. Evone is a student and was one of the speakers for the event. Her story is one of focus, determination, and a deep desire to create a great life. 

Evone just knew in her heart she would attend college, have a thriving career, and reach her goals…even if she wasn’t quite sure how it would all come together. She simply had a deep knowing, believed it, put the intention out there, and most importantly, took action.

Evone was from a family where people didn’t attend college… that didn’t deter her.

She grew up in a neighborhood where most people didn’t even have college on their radar…that didn’t sway her.

Her high school didn’t offer any type of college guidance…not a problem.

She had no back up plan, college fund, or money…you guessed it, she kept going.

She made her way to a state university, got discouraged, felt alone, and decided to leave… did she give up?

Not a chance. She followed her intuition and accepted an invitation to tour Mount Mary University. What she found were people who “got” her, who cared about her future, who offered their assistance.

Evone blossomed. She found her place to thrive after a long journey full of ups and downs. She is now a vital student leader within the University and gives back as a mentor. Today Evone has a new set of goals and wishes for her life after college. Things just keep getting better and better.

I wish I could adequately express her spirit, humor, smile, and presence through this article. What I can express is the depth to which she moved me, and the entire audience. Her final comments were a lesson to us all in going for our dreams as well as the need to give back so those who come after us:

“I am thankful for the generosity of the donors because not only did they provide financial help, they provided opportunity for me where I may not have otherwise had any. Someday, I wish to be in a position to give as generously as those people did for me. Whether it’s in a monetary fashion, or simply being able to extend a line of emotional support, guidance, mentorship, or be an advocacy for education, I wish to someday be that person who can give back and help to provide opportunity for those whom find their selves in my same position.”

Whose light can you help today to shine brighter?

All my best,


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