Episode 49

49. How To Create A Personal Brand That Inspires You To Be Your Best Self

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Tranquility Talk: Leann Conway - How To Create A Personal Brand That Inspires You To Be Your Best Self

I have wanted to do a podcast on this topic for quite some time. Luckily, I met LeAnn Conway from Conway Image Consulting!

We could have talked for hours on wardrobe, mindset, etc. and I think you will love what she has to share.



Highlights of today's episode:

  1. Why organizing your closet is secondary to what must happen first.

  2. How your wardrobe is one ingredient of creating your personal brand.

  3. Why you should NOT keep your clothes you no longer fit in.

LeAnn's Bio

LeAnn Conway is the founder of Conway Image Consulting, an image and wardrobe consulting business that helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs feel confident and put together from work to the weekend, and beyond.

Over the last ten years, she has coached, empowered, and styled hundreds of ambitious women and men about the importance of investing in themselves and their image.

LeAnn believes your wardrobe should reflect your unique image and personality. And a functional wardrobe includes all the essential pieces that highlight your style, fit your body, flatter your figure, work for your lifestyle, and most importantly, make YOU FEEL FABULOUS!

She is also a professional speaker who shares her knowledge regularly on all topics related to the A, B, C, & D’s of Image (appearance, behavior, communication, and digital footprint).  

How you present yourself at work can impact your career, but your presentation isn’t limited to your clothing. Companies like Baker Tilly, Manpower, and Thrivent, to name a few, have benefited from the impact these workshops have had on their life.  

When she’s not working 1:1 with clients or at a speaking engagement, her greatest joy is spending time with her husband of 22 years, John, daughter, Harper, and puppy, Archie.

She loves a good adventure, traveling with her family and friends, trying new restaurants, chocolate, and spending time with her girlfriends!

Show Notes

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