Episode 41

41. How Life Changes When Love Replaces Everything

Tranquility Talk - How Life Changes When Love Replaces Everything

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So are you someone who kills the spiders or saves them?

I used to kill every bug around… until one day I had a realization. That little bug is just living it’s life, trying to get by, dealing with issues with his family, and looking for where to have lunch.

Laugh if you’d like! I would have as well until I really started to look at all things from a new perspective. I was reminded of this on a morning walk with Miss Birdie recently when she made a gruesome discovery.

Everything and everyone has a spirit, soul, and story. When we choose to infuse reverence, grace, and love into every nook of our day, encounters with humans and creatures take on new a meanings.

Highlights of today's episode

  1. The one ritual I do every morning that sets me up to choose loving kindness in my interactions.

  2. Why everyone and everything deserves to be seen and heard.

  3. The one thing that can literally change the culture at home or at work instantly.

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I’ll see you next week!



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