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Helping “Gray Area Drinkers” Release Or Reduce Alcohol So They Can Sleep Deeper, Feel Lighter & Live Better

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Set aside the alcohol so you can stop thinking about, worrying about, and talking about it. In it’s place, turn your attention to joy. This isn’t something you have to do, it’s something you GET to do. 

release the exhaustion and embrace contentment


Hi I’m Meg 🙂 

So glad you found me. I’m guessing you might be a perfectionist, people pleaser, HSP, or empath? Or. maybe all of the above?

Sometimes people who think too much… drink too much. And it makes sense. You get overwhelmed and simply want some relief. 

Yet what you lean towards might be making that overwhelm even worse. 

Once you make one decision to clear away the clutter, chaos, and noise in your mind around alcohol (or frankly any habit that isn’t working for you), a ripple effect begins and you find yourself immersed in contentment, wellness, and an elegant sense of self-possession. 

Intrigued? Be sure to check out the podcast, free community, and of course my beautiful program, The 30 Day Reset. 

See you soon,


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Create the Life You’ve always dreamed of

with easy to implement experiences

The Happy Hour Survival Guide

Whether you want to take a break from alcohol, overeating, or if you are just over the drama in life, get inspired with my favorite things to do instead of your familiar default choices and coping mechanisms when life becomes just too much to handle.

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5 Days of Mocktails

Get ready for 5 days of soul-nourishing, palate-pleasing, feel-good alternatives to the nightly cocktail and wine.

Take a Break from alcohol with the 30-Day Reset

Highly sensitive people’s empathy can sometimes lead to overwhelm… especially when they forget to practice TLC for their minds, bodies, and souls. The 30-day reset helps you cultivate contentment so you can start feeling better, looking better, and living better. Are you ready to step into the most exquisite forms of self-care?Join me and this wonderful community for 30 days to joy, better sleep, and peace.

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Tranquility Talk

with Meg Daly

Tranquility Talk explores the magical (and sometimes elusive) art to feeling good. Episodes focus on the cultivation of contentment through things like tenderness, simple pleasures, mysticism, and community. Releasing the “me, myself, and I” vibe and embracing meaningful connection at times requires courage. Courage to be with yourself… the happiness, the pain, the fear, and the joy.

An oasis of calm for your body, mind & spirit

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Choosing to love yourself is not always easy. Everything changes when you choose to begin everything from the space of love.