Daly Gem: Happy Hour! Why Social Events Help Break the Ice (and Build Bonds)

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If you were to ask me one of the best moments of my career in corporate America, you might think my response would lean towards awards or high income earning years. Yes, those were great… but one moment I will never forget? A moment forever embedded in my memory????? Hmmmmm…

Truth be told… it would have to be with my new boss at the time, Art. We were down with the sales team in Florida and after a long day of budget meetings, he informed all of us to meet in the lobby at 6 pm for dinner. Little did we know he had more planned. After dinner, the cabs dropped us off at a little pub that hosted a weekly karaoke night. Before I knew it, my name was being called to join Art on stage to sing….“Islands In The Stream” by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton. Now, please keep in mind as you visualize this, I was the ONLY person who tried out for swing choir in high school that didn’t make it. Enough said.

Even as I write this, it brings tears to my eyes in a good way. It was in that moment, I became completely committed to my role. I mean, how could you NOT want to do your best for a guy willing to do a country duet with you??? It’s those moments that make me homesick for “the good old days”… and trust me, that was one of many with this guy and the team he built.

So how well do you know your team?

Do you know what interests they have outside the job, the stress they might be dealing with on current projects, or out of the box ideas that might be quietly percolating in their minds?

It’s easy to tune into ourselves and focus on what inspires US personally. We look to articles, podcasts, and classes that help us determine OUR purpose, who WE are, and why WE are here. How often do we step outside the lens of our own perception and needs to really get curious about the people we spend more than half our waking hours within this life?

Think of it this way… the most successful organizations constantly tap into their greatness by doing “market research” on what lights people up about their product or service. Companies like Harley Davidson, Apple, and Johnson & Johnson have huge followings because they connect at a deeper level to their audience… to their hearts.

Why not use this approach within our own teams at work? Think of it as “market research” of your boss, your assistant, colleagues or interns.
One of the best routes to doing this is to shift things up a bit! Get out of the office and:

▪ Schedule a happy hour (Karaoke is always a plus)
▪ Plan an off-site “personal development” retreat
▪ Choose as a team to volunteer once a quarter
▪ Attend a sporting event together

When we pivot the perception of our managers/employees from…
“individuals whose worth is defined what they can do for our agenda,” to…
“human beings overflowing with unique gifts” suddenly you’ve got a thriving team.

Got your teams head in the game? Fabulous! Now get their HEART in the game… and watch what happens.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou

p.s. Thanks for the memory Art 🙂




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