Happy Habits

“The unfortunate thing about this world is that good habits are so much easier to give up than bad ones.”

~Somerset Maugham

Merriam Webster defines a habit as “a usual way of behaving; something that a person does often in a regular and repeated way.”

What habits do you incorporate into your morning routine, work, health, or relationships? Do these habits enrich your life or hold you back? What habits might be deleted or added to make needed shifts?

A great way to move towards the changes you desire is to create a list of 10 daily habits you want to start implementing now. The key is to pick ones which excite, inspire, and add to your energy bank. In doing so, you start to see more balance, focus, and an overall sense of feeling good!

A few ideas:

· Meditate for 20 Minutes

· Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

· Smile at everyone you encounter each day

· Switch television time to reading time

· Take a bath

· Lay your outfit out for work the night before

· Play with the kids

· Walk the dog

· Dedicate 30 minutes each day to personal maintenance (facial, nails, etc.)

Feel free to adjust your list of habits as you learn which ones really inspire you. Pretty soon, you will find you are cherishing and using those precious moments of free time for activities which fuel your mind, body, and spirit!

Wishes to you for a happy day!


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Meg Daly


Hi I’m Meg. I love helping empathic people who sometimes “feel too much” calm their head, hearts, and homes through my courses and books. Ultimately we all want to feel good in our bodies, relationships, and with the work we do in this world. When we remove the roadblocks that exist on the road to feeling the way we want to feel life tend to flow easier. 

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