ready for some tlc?

I offer “as needed” 75-minute healing sessions that are a combination of energy work, coaching, and intuitive insights. 

Come with your issue and we will work through it together.

Cost: $150.00

“A lot of things surprised me ! Some of my deep seeded spiritual beliefs came to the forefront and I realized, very deeply, how important those beliefs are to me. I also realized how much I keep hidden : for safety, for self-protection, for fear of being judged by the world.” – Maureen Madigan Sievers 

“How do you move from “I want to be” to “I am”? There are many barriers on the transformative road to “I am” and most of them are life experiences we have internalized. Meg Daly is a clarion voice of reason and connection. She starts with you where you are and guides you to deeper ownership of your values, creating a vision of what you bring to the world, and how to internalize a new concept of yourself. Her coaching and guidance key sources of my daily understanding of who I am and what I contribute to the world.” – Jean Roberts Guequierre

“Meg helped me to successfully tackle issues that have been an ongoing source of stress and frustration in my life – lack of organization. She helped me to see the forest through the trees and gave me a map for how to find my way through the forest. I felt completely at ease talking with Meg. After our first conversation, I felt tremendously motivated to get started on my new game plan. A month later, I am still motivated and I’m making great progress. Through our conversations, she helped me to come up with simple strategies and as a result,there is less chaos. She is incredibly perceptive and has this ability to ask questions that help you to rethink the issue at hand. It was a very empowering experience. I cannot possibly thank Meg enough for the help and tools she has given me in tackling a seemingly insurmountable problem.” – Julie, Registered Nurse, Medford, NJ