Embody Your Muse

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed, chaotic, overweight, hungover, lonely, stagnant, or overreactive?

Are you craving feelings of calm, confidence, freedom, loveliness, simplicity, delight, and focus?

Is your mind full of negative self-talk, blame and shame

Is your body feeling bloated, low energy, and achy?

Are you constantly searching for change, purpose, and a sense of peace?

Does your home feel cluttered, disorganized, and tired?

If so, get ready to tap into your imagination and creativity for this powerful 1:1 course with me.

I created my own muse several years ago. Her name is Elegant Evelyn. The days I embody her in how I dress, eat, talk, and treat others are the days that feel most meaningful and beautiful to me.

So how exactly do you create your muse?

That’s what we’ll do together over three intensive sessions so in the meantime, here are a few questions to ponder before we begin our sacred work together:

*What you admire in others is alive within you. There’s a reason you look up to different people. It’s because somewhere deep down this quality is begging to be expressed.

*Do you find yourself feeling envious of other people’s lives? That’s a wonderful clue because it’s powerful information on what it is that you really want to bring into your life.

*What do you daydream about? What would make your heart sing? If money and responsibilities were not roadblocks, what would you do with your life? Who would you be?

*If you were that person today, what would your living space look like? How would you talk to yourself? What clothes would you wear? What would you eat? How would you eat? What would you do with your free time? What rituals would you put in place?

First Session:Craft Your Muse

I’ll take you through my personal tried and true process of using guided visualization and your imagination to intuitively tap into your muse.
Two questions my clients struggle with are:
  • What do you love to do?
  • Who do you want to be?
Imagine working with me as a fun adventure using your imagination and ability to daydream. 
  • How do they dress?
  • Where do they work?
  • What do they eat?
  • How do they eat?
  • What music do they listen to?
  • How do they carry themselves?
  • What does their home look like.
  • How do they move their body.
  • What books do they read?
  • Where do they travel?
  • How do they nurture themselves?
You are pulling parts from yourself and others you admire like ingredients in a recipe and whipping up a beautiful cake!

Second Session: Embodiment

Next, you bring your muse to life. This is where the magic happens. Imagine waking up exuding the feelings you want to feel… and carrying that vibe throughout the day. It’s possible even on the most difficult days.
In the first session, you crafted your muse and decided who you want to BE.
Now, we move to the action part where the key is intention and what I like to call “loving discipline”. 

What changes must occur within your mind, body, spirit, and home  for you to fully integrate into your muse? 
Think of this step as mental, physical, and emotional decluttering.

Third Session: Solidify

Finally, you will deepen your sense of self-possession. I’ll be guiding you through a personalized visualization curated specifically for you which can be used going forward to further absorb your new way of living.
I believe in this process with my heart and soul because I’ve seen it work wonders in my own life. Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to working with you.


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P.S. If the full course is not in your budget at this time, you do have the option of working with me on element of crafting of your muse. 
One 90-minute Session
Upon receiving payment, I will reach out to set up our first live Zoom call. If you feel more comfortable with a phone call, that’s perfectly fine.
P.S.S. This is a brand new course so I don’t have all the fancy testimonials.😁💗  You can, however, hop over to my other course, Live More Drink Less 30 Day Reset where you’ll see several testimonials and videos that attest to the valuable content and curriculum I create and share with people like yourself.💕