Episode 36

36. Elevate your intuition through the power of creativity

Tranquility Talk: Elevate your intuition through the power of creativity with Brenda Peterson

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How often do you pick up a pen to draw? Or grab a new recipe to bake? How long is it been since you got your hands dirty in the earth with a Saturday afternoon of gardening?

All of these things bring so many of us joy and yet how often do we carve out time to indulge in the simple pleasures of life? Things that activate our creativity and inner calm can also open the door to our intuition.

In this week’s episode, I’m very excited to introduce you to Brenda Peterson. Brenda incorporates her intuitive practice with art classes and shares with us how using any type of creativity can really open up your inner guidance.

Think about it… Don’t your greatest ideas come while you’re taking a shower, going on a walk, or just waking up in the morning? The cool thing is you can activate this calmness of your mind throughout the day with creative outlets as well.

Brenda's Bio

Brenda’s mission is to help people take their next step in life. She does this by delivering intuitive, psychic and messages from your peeps (spirit guides, angels and ancestors).  She helps people balance and clear their energy for a healthier life. 

When she totally loses track of time in her zen space, she is usually behind her easel, loaded with paint, including a paint mustache due to a chronic itchy nose and paint-filled hands. She loves all mediums but her lifelong love will always be textured oil applied with a palette knife. Some of her happiest moments are when she is creating and also seeing a student new to intuitive art open and flourish, their intuitive energy bubbling up to the surface. 

Some of the proudest and challenging artistic accomplishments have been complete room makeovers, creating commissioned metallic pieces for a spa and a wine bar mural. She also created a UWWC Art Studio for Festival of the Arts.

Where to find Brenda

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