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The Happy Hour Survival Guide

Whether you want to take a break from alcohol, overeating, or if you are just over the drama in life, get inspired with my favorite things to do instead of your familiar default choices and coping mechanisms when life becomes just too much to handle.

Take the Quiz: What kind of drinker are you?

Why do you pour that glass of wine? Believe it or not… it’s not always about the alcohol…

5 Days of Mocktails

Get ready for 5 days of soul-nourishing, palate-pleasing, feel-good alternatives to the nightly cocktail and wine.

Take a Break from alcohol with the 30-Day Reset

Highly sensitive people’s empathy can sometimes lead to overwhelm… especially when they forget to practice TLC for their minds, bodies, and souls. The 30-day reset helps you cultivate contentment so you can start feeling better, looking better, and living better. Are you ready to step into the most exquisite forms of self-care?Join me and this wonderful community for 30 days to joy, better sleep, and peace.

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