Does this sound familiar?

"Quit being so sensitive!"

It felt as though I had “I’m too sensitive” written across my forehead especially when I was younger. It was a conundrum to myself and others why things affected me so deeply. 

As a result, I never looked at my sensitivity as a gift but rather a burden. It was a part of me I tried to justify, hide, and overcome. 

In essence, I tried very hard to become someone I was not in order to fit in, quit annoying people, and to escape the pain of what sometimes just felt like too much.

Escaping the Pain

Numbing mechanism like overindulging in alcohol, staying overly busy, focusing outward versus inward, and running from emotions would relieve the pain momentarily yet these choices only made the overwhelm increase. 

It felt at times as though I was in a rabbit hole of worry, regret, anxiety, and stress. It seemed the only way out was through these habits and choices that I soon defaulted to when I hit bumps in the road.

A journey Into Self-care and Self-Love

It wasn’t until two things happened that I began to embrace my sensitivity and actually love and care for myself. 

I immersed myself into the notion that sensitivity, empathy, and intuition are actually gifts each of us possesses and when directed properly can elevate positivity, effectiveness, and overall joy in your life.

So I made the decision to radically care for my body, mind, and soul and soon everything changed. No longer did I choose to run from the pain but instead I dove into it. I felt it, listened to it, and understood it.

Through courage, I slowly shed the old way of being filled with judgment, shame, and aggression towards myself and embraced coziness, tenderness, contentment, and the cultivation of peace in my head, heart, and home.

I feel so fortunate to be working with a beautiful community of people through my programs, blog, and podcast. I’d love to connect and hear more about your journey and story!

The Happy Hour Survival Guide

The Happy Hour Survival Guide


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