Episode 89

89. Guest Claire Comai and “Rehab Barbie”

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I loved my conversation with the lovely Claire Comai! Her energy and passion makes her an inspiration to all generations. Be sure to check out the free gift she has for all of us at the link below… it’s jewelry!


claire's bio

Claire’s brand and designs are inspired by her own struggles with alcohol and drug addiction, which dominated her life until the age of 24. Now three years sober, she’s channeled the energy and restlessness she felt during early sobriety into building Rehab Barbie. Claire’s designs also pay homage to her incredible tribe–friends and family without whom she never could be where she is today.
She founded and launched Rehab Barbie this past year and the company features streetwear, jewelry and accessories, inspired by her personal struggle with drug addiction and mental illness. The brand aims to change the conversation around these topics by celebrating recovery instead of stigmatizing disease.
Connect with Claire here:
Get Claire’s free gift, a Happy Hour Bracelet here.

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