April 2021

Woman journaling

27. 6 Sacred Rituals To Craft A Beautiful Day

Do you ever feel like your schedule is running you rather than the other way around? In today’s episode, I share with you my tried and true morning routine that when completed sets me up for a fantastic and mindful day.

If you are craving more flow to your day, creating tiny rituals throughout is a great way to start. Your morning coffee, walking the dog, making dinner etc are all rituals and when we are present with them our lives become more meaningful!

Woman's hands arranging flowers

26. How To Live With More Ease

Do you ever just feel “over it” when the overwhelm becomes too much? Does your stress level make you impatient, grumpy, and short with loved ones? Do you sometimes fall into bed and realize you were just running all day and never really enjoyed a moment?

In today’s episode I share my tried and true decluttering process for creating more ease in life along with a few nuggets from Jay Shetty’s book called Think Like A Monk.

Dog sniffing flowers

25. Whistle Tea & Hounds

In this week’s episode, I share a few “A-HA” moments during a morning walk with the dogs. Moments that reminded me how the experience of life is oftentimes based upon the lens through which we view it.

If you are in a bit of rut feeling you want to be doing something different, living somewhere else, or just stepping into a different life, hopefully what I share will inspire you to look no further than exactly where you are.