February 2015

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Happiness Guilt

Do you ever feel REALLY, REALLY good about your life? You have a moment of “Wow! Things are rolling along quite nicely… this feels nice!” Then BAM! The guilt sets in. You think about how much you have, and the perceived “lack” in other people’s lives. You begin to question why you’re the lucky one …

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Woman's hands holding a cup

Criticism Is A Gift

A respected acquaintance recently discussed viewing criticism (in a constructive way!) as a gift. Inherently, we have a tendency to dread reviews from bosses, feedback from colleagues, or surveys from clients. Why is that? Really think about it. Why do we physically cringe or hold our breath at “you are doing great… BUT…?” Could it …

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Inspiration of the Week…Evone Harris! She Just Knew

Creating a positive experience for our customers, family, and friends can be challenging at times, but super fun if you stretch your imagination a bit! I hope this video inspires you as much as it did me. It came from a friend who truly epitomizes customer service at its best! http://www.popsugar.com/Dog-Working-Lost-Found-Airport-Video-35794697 Happy Friday- Meg

Woman's hands holding a cup


Unhappiness in work is a common theme amongst many people I meet. It’s usually not about the pay or hours, but instead their managers, team, and overall culture of the organization. For many, however, they’re not at the point where they are actually ready to pull the trigger on quitting or looking for a new …

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