April 2014

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Pareto Principle

“The Pareto principle states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.” ~Wikipedia This principle is applicable in every area of our lives. Relationships, career, personal health. The key is paying attention to what you allow into your “20%.” Identifying what fuels, inspires, and motivates you enables you […]

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“The beginning is always today.” ~Mary Shelley What do want? Is it a new career, a healthy relationship, to become more fit, to dwell in a clean and organized home, or to feel structure in your life? Why hasn’t anything happened? Why do you keep saying, “tomorrow I will start?” Perhaps the reason lies in

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“If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing.” ~Gail Sheehy Do you feel at times you simply exist on autopilot? The life you live, your job, the food you eat, and the relationships you participate in? When was the last time you felt truly alive? What was

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“Be genuinely interested in everyone you meet and everyone you meet will be genuinely interested in you” ~Rasheed Ogunlaru Imagine yourself at a party. The person you are speaking with isn’t making eye contact, is looking over your shoulder scanning the room for someone “more important,” and clearly not listening to what you have to

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“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.” ― Dalai Lama What are you needs? Are they being met? Do frequently look to others to fulfill them? How often do you find yourself saying, “I need to feel safe… I need to feel secure…I need to feel loved… I need to

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Embrace Forgiveness

“True forgiveness is when you can say, “Thank you for that experience.” ~Oprah Winfrey Is there someone you are not forgiving? Is it a friend, colleague, partner, family member, or possibly yourself? Blocking forgiveness robs us from experiencing joy, peace and gratitude. You don’t have to forgive the act which hurt, but instead the person

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Get Honest

“It takes strength and courage to admit the truth.” ~Rick Riordan Choosing to be all out honest with ourselves about who we are, what we want to become, and what we want to change, is a key tool in living an original life. Look within yourself, taking inventory of everything positive and negative. How did

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Let it Go

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” ~Eckhart Tolle We all hang on to certain memories, people, objects, ideas, habits, or thoughts. How are these attachments serving us? Are they helping or hindering our growth? Are they creating peace or joy? Do they bring out the

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