February 2014

Woman's hands holding a cup

Take Inventory

“Take a step back, evaluate what is important, and enjoy life.” ~ Teri Garr Take a moment to reflect on your life. How does the current climate feel? Are there shifts you need to make, people you need to let go of, and people you want to reconnect with? It’s beneficial to take inventory of […]

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Woman's hands holding a cup

Accept the Gift

“I can live for two months on a good compliment.” ~Mark Twain Kind words of appreciation and compliments are gifts people choose to bestow upon us. How do you react to these offerings? Do you graciously accept or reject them? If it’s typically a dismissal, what’s behind your reaction? 
Today, be aware of even the

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Woman's hands holding a cup

Quiet the Mind

Noise comes in a variety of forms. One of the loudest forms is the chatter within our minds. What does your “mind chatter” talk about? Is it helping you achieve the results and quality of life you want and deserve? Possibly it’s dragging you down instead? How about looking at ways to soften the chatter?

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